Grapple Bucket Attachments

Grapple Bucket Attachments

The grapple bucket attachment combines the loading and leveling actions of a skid steer bucket with the "grabbing ability" of two hydraulic grapples. The grapple bucket attachment's basic design allows it to load and grapple large and/or uneven objects as well as clean up the smallest debris.

Grapple buckets make it possible to ergonomically move bulky, hard-to-handle materials easily and securely. When it comes to tree removal or clearing land for paving and construction, they are ideal for loading and piling logs, limbs, and brush.

Tractor Loader Root Grapple
Single Lid Wicked Root Grapple
Wicked Root Grapple for Large Compact Tractors
Wicked Single Lid Root Grapple for Large Tractors

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Tractor Loader Root Grapple

Root Grapple Image 1

The Tractor Loader Root Grapple pulls out roots and debris with ease and with a universal skid steet quick attach you can attach this to a skid steer or a tractor in no time. Chaning attachments has never been easier or faster. Crafted of 1/2 inch abrasion resistant steel and 8.5 inch max penetration this grapple can grab just about anything you can think of. This grapple is perfect for compact and utility tractors weighting up to 7500 lbs with lifting limits up 2500 lbs. When fully opened the grapple is 36" wide.

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Single Lid Wicked Root Grapple for Compact Tractors

Root Grapple Image 2

If dual lids isn't for you than check out this Single Lid Wicked Root Grapple for Compact Tractors has a wide lid and a larger cylinder which increases the grasping power. Mostly made of 3/8" steel with 1/4" gusseting for adding strength. The Single Lid Wicked Root Grapple also comes with a Quick Attach and opens to a full 37 inches. The Serrated & Laminated end tines are grade 80 steel and the frame is grade 50. Availabe in sizes ranging from 54 to 72 inches.

To make sure you get the correct size grapple for your tractor or skid steer please give customer service a call.

Wicked Root Grapple for Large Compact Tractors

Root Grapple Image 3

If you have a compact or utility tractor than this is a must have attachment. Designed with weight in mind this Wicked Root Grapple weights between 627 lbs and 665 lbs depending on if you get the width you choose. Everything Attachments grapples are laser cut for precision and this grapple has an impressive 42.5 inch opening when fully open. Crafted with 3/8" Grade 50 steel and 2" bore x10" stroke hydraulic cylinders. The tines are spaced 8.5" apart and made of Grade 80 Steel. Includes 1/2" AG Couplers 3/8"

If you own a compact tractor then this grapple is worth checking out... Tractor Attachments Online

Wicked Single Lid Root Grapple for Large Tractors

Root Grapple Image 4

The Wicked Single Lid Root Grapple for Large Tractors and some large compact tractors is as the name indicates a single lid grapple. It's designed similar to the grapple above with the exception that it's a single lid which is 36 inches wide and 2.5 inch bore. One of the benfits of a single lid grapple is there are less hydraulics and over all parts.

Did I mention that the single lid costs less.

Root Grapple Attachment Review:

" I own a operate a grading and landscaping company, well I guess you can call it that, it's just me, a few laborers and my TL150. (I also have a Hitachi EX130U) and I needed to add a grapple to my arsenal of attachments. I did some research and found ALOT! There are so many to choose from, cheap to expensive, made in the USA to made everywhere else. SO, I asked around to other owner/operators I know and a friend turned me on to Construction Attachments. I had already found them on the internet but listened anyway. He has two of their buckets and a set of pallet forks and said how well they were built and had given him great service. He also said he was happy with the fact that they are "USA built and employ our people" well I don't have anything against stuff built elsewhere, hell it's hard to get anything made here anymore, but what he said made sense. Why not support business' that are in this country employing our people, and on top of that if there is a problem you can call them up and talk with them directly. Try that with something made in China.

Well anyway, I found a place that sells Construction Attachments online,, I called and talked with the them about what I needed for debris clean up and found that there are even more choices, a grapple bucket, which has a solid bottom with grapple arms, and root grapples, tines on the bottom and grapple arms on top. I ended up choosing a 78" Root Grapple. After the friendly service and quite fast shipment to my buddies business (he has a loading dock) I took it to the field that day and put them to work. Well I must say they are a beast of an attachment, and are really well made, even the welds are beefy. I like to work my machines hard and expect them and the attachment to take it. That was 8 months ago and I've used them every week with no problems. They have done exactly what they said, take a lickin' and kept on tickin'. So, I'll be calling them back when I need anything for my skid loader or excavator, and the Made in USA thing is paying off for me.

Brent - Lawrence, KS

Root Grapple Attachment Video:

In this Root Grapple Video Ted explains features and the details of a root grapple.

More on the Grapple Bucket and Root Grapple

The design of a root grapple itself allows dirt and sand to fall to the ground while larger pieces of wood, rubble, and debris remain in the bucket. The grapple tines on the end of the bucket curve upward to prevent contents from spilling onto the ground. The curvature of the tines also has another important benefit. It prevents utility lines and cables from being snagged during trash cleanup and tree removal after storms.

Grapple buckets are idea for land clearing. Their ability to uproot tree roots that are still in the ground and carry them away helps clear areas around buildings fast and efficiently. They are excellent tools for clearing away debris after demolition work has been done. Excess construction debris can be quickly removed with grapple buckets. In areas where storms have devastated foliage, they are essential tools in the cleanup of storm debris. Grapple buckets are also a vital mainstay of landscaping projects. They are used from everything from clearing out brush to moving earthworks.

Root grapples and grapple buckets feature a number of benefits that make them dependable, rugged tools for tough construction and cleanup operations. For one thing, they are designed with hydraulic cylinders that allows the bucket to flexibility adjust itself to the diameter, circumference, and unequal weight distribution of cumbersome and uneven loads. This prevents the unit from becoming top- heavy and creating a safety hazard, and it helps extend the life of the unit. To further minimize wear and tear on the grapple bucket, hydraulic cylinders, hoses, and fittings are protected with covers. All pivot points are lubricated with grease zerks to maintain flexibility and avoid stress to moving parts. To accommodate an optional bolt-on-blade, cutting edges are punched so the blade can be fitted securely to the grapple bucket. Additional tines can be added if the space between existing tines is too small. This is often done when moving piles of rubble or in landscaping work where a large amount of leaves, twigs, and other small trash items have to gripped firmly to avoid spillage.

Demolition Grade Grapple Buckets Make Heavy-Duty Work Faster and Safer If you are fitting a grapple bucket to a “track” style skid steer, 70hp or greater skid steer, or skid steer rated at or above 3,500 lbs., we recommend you invest in a demolition grade unit.

Demolition grade units feature cylinder hoses routed in an enclosed tube. This built-in covering provides much needed heavy duty protection for fittings in heavy industrial applications.

Demolition grade units offer larger capacity for uneven and extremely heavy loads with reinforcement gussets, and reliable performance is ensured by heavier component manufacture throughout. Grapples on these buckets open wide for full loads. The bottom of the bucket is reinforced by steel plate ribs measuring ½” thick.

Additional options for demolition grade grapple buckets include end plates that contain loose materials and raised rings that protect grease fittings from damage. We hope you learned a lot about Grapple Buckets and Root Grapple Attachments!